Cecilia Bonardi

“Tradition and contemporary quests.The femenine sensuality and the roughness of the arrabalera music. Emotion and thought. Song of wide-ranged melody and paced rythm. The Rio de la Plata captured in the voice of Cecilia Bonardi.” Ricardo Salton

Through a meticulously chosen repertoire full of poetry and musical richness, Cecilia Bonardi travel through different styles of the Rio de la Plata music, addressing different matters of urban life and its contrasts. Tangos, balads, milongas and candombes belonging to composers such as Astor Piazzolla, E. Blázquez, A. Stampone, H. Expósito and Jaime Roos. Played, arranged and presented live in their unique style.

Cecilia Bonardi has had a broad experience as a singer in different bands which have had recognition both in Argentina and abroad.

One of them was the vocal quartet of tango "Flores Negras" from 1995 to 2000, and regrouped again in 2007.This experience marked her as a singer and showed the way to her own poetic and musical language as a performer of the sounds of her latitudes. The CD "Cuatro Voces en Tango" (“Four voices in Tango”) was released and presented in a show under the same name, achieving excellent critiques, being artistically sponsored by the great musician Rubén Juárez. (see Flores Negras press).
Cecilia Bonardi travelled with this band to different countries, arriving to Lisbon, where the IV World Summit of Tango was held (1998), to the X International Festival of Tango in Grenade (1999), the Festival “Viva el Tango” in Montevideo, playing in this last festival only Piazzolla music in homage to the composer, being sponsored by the Foundation Astor Piazzolla (1997).
Stands out among the many presentations made in Buenos Aires "Mujeres por Astor” (“Women for Astor”) held in San Martín Cultural Center (1997), The Cycle "Aguante el Tango” in the Trastienda, "Buenos Aires Vivo 2" in Centennial Park, the International Festival "Buenos Aires Tango" in the Recoleta Cultural Center (1998), the "National Meeting of Tango" held at the Teatro Cervantes (1998), in the Cultural Center Torquato Tasso (2007), and being artists guests of Leon Gieco and Víctor Heredia at the Opera Theatre (1999).

In 2003 she formed her band "Pulso Ciudadano", together with Martin Almada -guitar and arrangements- with whom she released the CDs “Pulso Ciudadano” (2005) and “Matisses” (2008), working with Roberto Seitz - double bass-, Mariano Zambonini -bandoneon, keyboards and flute-, Maxi Votta -percussion-, and playing in important venues in Buenos Aires.

In 2007, Cecilia Bonardi and Pulso Ciudadano were selected to participate in the Cultural Program of Notable Bars in Buenos Aires, organised by the Ministry of Culture of the Buenos Aires City Government.
Since 2008, they have taken part in the MAC Cycle (Musica de Alta Calidad, High Quality Music) in the Centro Cultural Borges. They were also invited to participate as host band of this same festival in Uruguay in the summer of 2009, along with outstanding musicians of other genres.
In early 2009, Cecilia Bonardi and Pulso Ciudadano were invited to play in the VIII World Summit of Tango held in the city of Bariloche, Argentina, in the VI International Festival of Tango in Almeria and also in the opening of the XXI International Festival of Tango in Grenade. They also played at the Cycle of Concerts of Historical Monuments in Grenade. Travel sponsored by the Secretary of Cultural Affairs of the Argentine Foreign Office.

Cecilia Bonardi has started 2010 participating in the International Festivals of Tango of Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid) and Sagunto (Valencia) along with the duet “Carbone and Teran”, and also in the Foz Palace of Lisbon with Daniel Schvetz.

The IV Metropolitan Tango Meeting of Rosario, the International Festival of Tango of Buenos Aires, the concert at the President Alvear Theatre framed in Cycle “Music unlimited” (programmed by the Music Department of the Buenos Aires Government), are some of the underlined concerts done during this 2010 with her group Pulso Ciudadano.

Selected and invited to partipate in 9th World Tango Summit 2011 held in Finland in the city of Seinäjoki, travelling under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.

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